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Hawaiian Tropical Plant Nursery, LLC For Availability and Ordering visit our online store: http://www.store.hawaiiantropicalplants.com Email or call me if you are looking for something that I have described in my reference web pages: steve_starnes@yahoo.com Cell: 808-333-0505
If you plan to visit the Big Island, email or call for a free fold out map of the island.
Key Map Books of the island are much more detailed:
The Ready Map Book of East Hawaii (85 pages)-$11.00 The Ready Map Book of West Hawaii(66 pages)-$11.00
Priority Mail(1 book)- $5.00 Priority Mail( 2 books)- $6.50 send check or money order to Steven Starnes, Prudential Orchid Isle Properties, 101 Hualalai, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

Big Island Growers- This website provides a web prescence for several growers. Aloha Hoyas has a very large collection of rare and common Hoya species. Bergstrom Orchids, Gine's Orchids and Maui Plumeria Gardens are have their products listed here.

Rio Guaycuyacu- Seeds of many rare species. Contact Jim West. I have ordered from Jim for many years and have been pleased with the quality of seeds.

Pacific Island Nursery- Vireyas (Tropical Rhododendrons). Sherla and Richard have a incredible selection of hybrids and species. Most bloom 2 or 3 times per year. Certified to ship to California.

Fruit Lovers Nursery- Interesting selection of tropical fruit plants. Not certified for California but may be able ship seeds and airlayers to California; just check to determine what he can ship. Oscar just got in a few books published in South America.

Big Island Association of Nurserymen- Association of Hawai'i Island Nurseries. Many nurseries are certified to ship to California. The website provides the nursery addresses, phone numbers and websites.

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