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Alpinia galanga-Common Name: galangal. Family: Zingiberaceae. Plants reach 3 to 5 ft. tall. Best in rich moist soil but will grow in lava rock and pumice. Grows quickly and forms large clumps. Full sun to medium shade. Roots are used in Thai cooking. Similar appearance to ginger root from Z. officianale. Pleasant ginger lemon flavor.
Alpinia purpurea- Zingiberaceae. Common name: red ginger. Stems 3 to 4 ft tall. Inflorescence is composed of deep red bracts. Full sun or light shade. Rich soil high in organic matter. Keep moist. In Hawai'i it blooms most of the year. Good cut flower.
Alpinia sanderiana-Plants reach about 5 ft. tall. Striking green and white variegated leaves. Small inflorescence with pink bracts are seen at the tips of the stems in the summer. This plant is primarily grown for its foliage. Easy to grow. Looks best with light shade.
Alpinia zerumbet Common Name: Shell Ginger. The green leaved form is more robust and blooms readily. Blooms are more abundant in the summer and fall. Full sun to medium shade. Tolerates a wide range of soil. Requires little care. conditions. Fertilize several times per year for more rapid growth.
Alpinia zerumbet Variegata Yellow and green striped foliage. The variegated form is mostly grown for the ornamental foliage. The green leaved form is more robust and blooms readily. Full sun to medium shade. Tolerates a wide range of soil conditions. Fertilize several times per year for more rapid growth.
Amomum subulatum- Common Name: Black cardamom. Pods are used as spice in Nepal and northern India. Basal Inflorescence; blooms are just above the soil surface. Pods ripen to dark brown. Plants reach about 5 ft. tall. Medium shade to full sun. Outdoors in Zone 9B and higher. Seems to be easy to grow in Hawai'i.
Bosenbergia pandurata-Common Name: Chinese Keys. Small ginger growing about 2 ft. tall. Full sun or light shade. Best growth is in rich soil with lots of organic matter. Goes dormant in the winter and stems die off. Reduce water and fertilizer until growth resumes in the spring. Roots are used to flavor soup in southeast Asia.
Burbidgea schizocheila Common Name: Golden Brush ginger. Nice compact plants that bloom most of the year in containers. Reaches 2 to 2.5 ft. tall. Heads of gold blooms. Easy to grow. Fertilize lightly several times per year.
Costus guanaiensis-Costaceae. Common name: can agria. Spiral ginger grown for juice and edible flowers. Fuzzy large leaves. Thick stems. Salmon colored flowers emerge from green bracts. The flowers and juice squeezed from the stems are tart in flavor. Seems to prefer some shade. Rich soil high in organic matter is best.
Costus speciosus-Costaceae. Large spiral ginger with showy flowers. Fast growning in warm humid areas. Good in the greenhouse or sunroom. Medium shade to full sun. Rich soil high in organic matter. Keep moist. Seeds germinate in about 4 weeks at 85F (30C). Can be invasive in rain forest areas of Hawaii.
Costus stenophyllus Slender stems with a bamboo like appearance. Basal inflorescence is nice red color. Long lasting. makes a good cut flower. Culture is easy. Full sun to medium shade.
Curcuma domestica- Common Name: Tumeric. Stems reach 3 to 5 ft. tall. Rich soil and light to medium shade. Dormant in the winter. Stems die back to soil surface. Reduce watering and fertilizer from December until April. Orange roots are dried and ground to powder. Important spice used for numerous dishes in India and Asia. It has medicinal uses and is high in antioxidants.
Elettaria cardamomum- Common Name: cardamom. Green seed pods provide the popular and expensive spice. Tropical ginger native to south Asia. Stems reach 6 to 8 ft. tall. Best with some shade. Rich soil high in organic matter with good drainage.
Etlingera elatior- Zingiberaceae. Common name:Torch Ginger. Large tropical ginger with a bright pink, red or white inflorescence. Seedlings may be variable in color. Purchase plants propagated by division or tissue culture if you want to be sure the exact color. Grows well in lava rock with mulch. In rich soil plants will be huge. Not tolerant of freezing temperatures. Spectacular when in bloom.
Etlingera venusta- Similar to E. elatior but the blooms have a distinctive torchiere shape. Nice cut flower that blooms prolifically during the spring and summer. Full sun to medium shade. Plants will be ready to ship in the early spring. Check our online store for availability: http://www.store.hawaiiantropicalplants.com
Tapeinochilus annanassae- Costaceae. Common name: pineapple ginger. Native to Indonesia and New Guinea. Flower arise on a stem from the ground. Red-orange bracts form a head about 6 TO 12 inches tall. Spectacular in bloom. Requires light to medium shade. Rich organic soil. Keep moist.
Zingiber collinsii- Common Name: unknown. Leaves are streaked with dark green and silvery green on and are dark purple underneath. Bright orange-red inflorescence emerges directly from the soil surface. Blooms well in a pot. Goes dormant in the winter for about 2 to 3 months.
Zingiber ottensii- Common Name: unknown. Similar in appearance to Z. zerumbet. The inflorescence is longer and narrower. It secretes a thick juice. I suspect that it could be used like shampoo ginger. Brief dormant period in the winter stems may die back to the ground usually in January and February; some years it doesn't go dormant.
Zingiber zerumbet- Common Name: shampoo ginger, pinecone ginger. Basal red inflorescence in the late summer or fall. The juice from the inflorescence is used as a natural shampoo. Shoots and rhizome is edible. The rhizome is used to spice some curries in Indonesia. Dormant period during the winter; stems die back to the ground.
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