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Heliconia aemygdiana Heliconia aemygdiana ssp. transandiana-Heliconiaceae. Native to South America. Large broad leaves. Short thick stems 3 to 6 ft. tall. Erect inflorescence with slender rose red bracts spirally arranged. Full sun or medium shade. Best in an area sheltered from wind.
Heliconia bourgeana Heliconia bourgeana-- Heliconiaceae. Small to medium plants are among the most cool tolerant of the Helconia species. Richly colored intense red bracts. Temperatures below freezing will damage the plant but if well mulched it should sprout from the rhizome in the spring. Prolonged or repeated freezing will probably kill the plant. Grows well in a large container. Full sun to medium shade. Fertilize several times per year.
Heliconia caribaea Heliconia caribaea-Large erect red bracts. This species can become very large under ideal conditions. It will even grow in lava rock with a little mulch and fertilizer. Full sun to light shade. Best where temperatures are above 55F.
Heliconia champneiana-Heliconiaceae. Native to Central America. Erect inflorescence with red, ornagne or gold bracts. There are several cultivars with different color bracts. Foliage banana-like. Reaches 5 ft. to 9 ft. tall. Full sun to light shade. Rich organic soil. Prefers temperatures above 60 F.
Heliconia collinsiana-Heliconiaceae. Native to Central America. Pendant inflorescence with red bracts. full sun to light shade. Foliage is banana-like. Stems and leaf underside are covered in a white waxy powder; this seems to be a natural defense against insects. Rich soil high in organic matter. Plants grow rapidly.
Heliconia griggsiana Heliconia griggsiana-. Pendant red inflorescence with spiral bracts. Large plant with thick tough leaves. Withstands wind better than many Heliconia species. It is reported to tolerate cool temperatures but not freezing. Outdoors in southern California and Florida where frost are rare. It will grow just about anywhere in Hawaii below 3,000 ft. elevation if adequate water can be provided.
Heliconia hirsuta- Small species that reaches 3 to 5 ft. tall. Small blooms are similar to H. psittacorum but the plant does not run. Full sun. Well drained soil. Outdoors in USDA Zones 10 to 11 or indoors.
Heliconia harlingii-Heliconiaceae. Pendant dark red inflorescence. Some hair on the bracts. Plants reach 4 to 7 ft. tall. Can tolerate full sun in a protected location. Best with some wind protection.
Heliconia latispatha-Heliconiaceae. Medium sized plants with banana-like foliage. Orange erect inflorescence with narrow spiral bracts. One of the easiest Heliconia to grow. Blooms in the summer and fall in Hawaii. This species should grow very well in a container.
Heliconia magnifica-Heliconiaceae. Medium sized plants with banana-like foliage. Stems are almost black. Penant deep red inflorescence is furry and often over 3 ft. long. Bracts are spirally arranged. This species isn't producing seed for me. However, I will periodically have divisions for sale locally.
Heliconia nigripraefixa-Heliconiaceae. Pendant dark red inflorescence with black on the tips of the bracts. Plants reach 6 to 10 ft. tall. Grows best in a shady protected location. Leaves tend to shred in windy conditions. Uncommon and unique species.
Heliconia orthotricha-Heliconiaceae. Upright bright pink to red inflorescence. There are a number of selections for this species. Very easy to grow. Short plants are 3 to 4 ft. tall. Medium shade to full sun. Seems to grow a little better for me with some afternoon shade and protection from windy exposed conditions.
Heliconia platystachys Heliconia platystachys- Large robust species with a bright red and yellow pendant inflorescence. Plants are large and can reach 10 ft. or more in ideal conditions. Best in an area sheltered from wind. Rich well drained soil. Growth is rapid in Hawaii.
Heliconia psittacorum-Heliconiaceae. Medium sized plants with narrow leaves. Red or orange inflorescence. Plants take full sun and tolerate some wind. However, they tend to run and can be invasive.
Heliconia regalis-Heliconiaceae. Medium sized plants with banana-like foliage. Pendant reddish inflorescence covered in fur. Similar to H. magnifica but the bracts are a little shorter and a lighter shade of red. This species is not producing seed for me. However, I will periodically have divisions for sale at the nursery.
Heliconia riopalenquensis- Heliconiaceae. Native to South America. New import. Very limited quantity available. Plants withstand wind better than many species. Pendant pink inflorescence with pale cream tips on the bracts. Very uncommon species.
Heliconia rostrata-Heliconiaceae. Medium sized plants with narrow leaves. Pendant red & yellow inflorescence. One of the most beautiful and popular Heliconia.
Heliconia stricta Heliconia stricta- Photo is of "Dwarf Jamaican" which blooms when about 1 ft. to 1.5 ft. tall. All H. stricta cultivars are small to medium sized plants. Easy to grow and a good Heliconia for begginers. I have seedlings of Dwarf Jamaican which are showing little variation from the parent.
Heliconia vaginalis Heliconia vaginalis- Heliconiaceae. Native to South America. Erect red inflorescense. Small plants reach 3 to 4 ft. tall. Leaves are thick and tough. Tolerates wind better than many species. Good choice for a large container in the greenhouse. Outdoors in USDA Zones 10 to 11.
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