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Unless noted, these are all selections of Cordyline terminalis. Propagated from stem cuttings. Seedlings are highly variable and will result in new cultivars.

Cordyline terminalis glauca- Narrow tough leaves. This subspecies is suitable for sunny windy areas. Holds up well in adverse conditions.
Cordyline Chocolate Dancer Cordyline Chocolate Dancer- This is a sport of Miss Andrea. Slightly darker markings on the leaves. But there isn't much difference in the two cultivars. Oval leves striped with cream, and varying shades of green and brown. Tends to stay short and branch profusely. This is a good choice for containers.
Cordyline Hawaiian Boy- Medium sized very dark red leaves. Easy to grow and vigorous. Darkest color is in full sun.
Kealakai- Medium leaves are very dark red. In full sun they appear almost black. This cultivar was selected by a local nursery. It has been a bit slow growing for us.
Cordyline Lilinoe Lilinoe-Large deep red leaves. Vigorous growth. Best color in full sun.
Cordyline New Guinea Black New Guinea Black- Narrow black glossy leaves. A bit slow growing when small but when established they grow very quickly. Branches densely when pruned.
Ola'a Beauty- Small red leaves. Branches densely when pruned. Makes a nice hedge. Best in full sun or partial shade.
Rooster Tail- Large long leaves which curl a bit. Deep red leaves. One of my favorite cultivars.
Cordyline Tutu Elena Tutu Elena-Dark green leathery leaves. Medium sized leaves are spoon shaped. Holds up in windy conditions. This cultivar is somewhat slow growing. Tends to form short or semi-dwarf plants.
Cordyline Lilinoe Wili'i's Gold-Medium to large oval leaves. Looks best with some shade. Leaves are streaked with cream, greens and pinks. Very striking cultivar. Cuttings take longer to root than most other cultivars. Good for containers.
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